HIV advocates call for justice for workplace discrimination victim

A Detroit-area HIV-positive man was followed around by coworkers with cans of Lysol, relentlessly harassed and ultimately fired from his job because he revealed his status to a colleague, according to a pending lawsuit.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) determined that James White had just cause to file a complaint against Great Expressions Dental Care, a chain with offices in Michigan and six other states. The company, however, rejected the claim and White’s attorneys are preparing to file a lawsuit.

Detroit Legal Services has been handling the case for White since the charges were originally filed several years ago. DLS continues to represent White, along with attorney Nicole Thompson.

DLS has become a sought-after nationwide expert in HIV/AIDS legal matters. Through its specialized program, DLS has successfully used its expertise and resources to provide personalized legal services for more than 300 clients to date who have found themselves struggling within the system.

The firm, headquartered in Detroit, proudly gives 10 percent of its earnings back to the community via donations to HIV/AIDS nonprofit organizations.

The case has garnered national attention, with articles appearing the Huffington Post, numerous online magazines and blogs and Detroit television news.

“We find the actions of Great Expressions Dental Care to be truly despicable,” said DLS President Joshua L. Moore. “We will continue to pursue justice for Mr. White for the unconscionable trauma he has suffered.”


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