National HIV/AIDS Disability Project

Recognition for Outstanding Public Service

We are so proud and humbled to receive this special recognition from the Georgia General Assembly for Outstanding Public Service! We look forward to working with and helping the great people of Georgia living with HIV/AIDS for many years to come.

Women Living 2017 a Success!

The Women Living 2017 conference in Atlanta, Georgia was a tremendous success! We at the National HIV/AIDS Disability Project are so honored to have hosted this group of inspirational women, all of our fantastic speakers, a wide variety of sponsors and vendors, and of course, our amazing volunteers, without whom this event simply could not have happened.
Download a copy of our program and a list of exhibitor sponsors. Also, linked below, is an article on the event. We’ll see you again in two years!


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Social Security Justice helps people living with HIV/AIDS across the country in their fight for Social Security benefits through our exclusive National HIV/AIDS Disability Project.

We realize that each client goes through immense struggles while waiting for HIV/AIDS Social Security benefits … And we fight every day for our clients.

Social Security Justice  understands the distinct struggles people living with HIV/AIDS have while waiting for Social Security benefits. All Social Security law firms offer legal services to those living with HIV/AIDS … However, few offer advocacy for those living with HIV/AIDS. Our National HIV/AIDS Disability Project offers a holistic approach for our clients. Often those living with HIV/AIDS lose access to physician care, medication and even housing while waiting for Social Security benefits. We can help.

Across the country people living with HIV/AIDS are stuck in the web of Social Security regulations and receive little to no help from their attorney. When they finally do win, they often find the bulk of he Social Security award has gone to lawyer fees and unexpected “expenses.”

Social Security Justice never charges expenses and only accepts the statutory fee from the Social Security. In addition, Social Security Justice provides you with advocacy that other law firms lack. You will never be charged for a phone call, copies, travel expenses, or any other charges associated with your case — only the 25% statutory fee awarded by Social Security. There is never a fee if you do not win!

Social Security Justice assigns each client a case advocate who is dedicated to working with you and your doctor to win your case. The case advocate also works to gain the resources you need to survive until the Social Security benefits are won. No matter where you are in the country our staff will find the resources you need!

The Social Security Justice case advocate will provide you with these resources whether or not you chose to be represented by us, it is our commitment to you.

Another exceptional aspect of the National HIV/AIDS Disability Project is that our case advocates are also living with HIV/AIDS. They are uniquely qualified individuals who are dedicated to making sure you are taken care of and have the resources you need during the rough and often bumpy period waiting for Social Security benefits.

For more information please call and a Social Security Justice representative will be happy to send you our informational packet.